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Palo Alto Information

Located in the northern end of Santa Clara County, Palo Alto has a diverse geography with baylands, rolling foothills and tree lined neighborhoods. Palo Altos is made up of a blend of intellect, innovation, culture and natural beauty.

Palo Alto is home to Nobel Prize winners, Silicon Valley CEOs, venture capital firms, Hewlett-Packard and one of the most renowned universities and medical centers in the world. Though Palo Alto developed as a sleepy college town, the emergence of Stanford University in the 1970s as the nation’s leading high-technology research center paved the way for hundreds of startup businesses with connections to Stanford professors and their inventions. Thus, Palo Alto became known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley and attracted engineers and others from all over the world to pursue their dreams.

As befits the City known as “Birthplace of the Silicon Valley,” the City has developed a 31-mile dark fiber ring for ultra-fast Internet access. Complementing its exciting and innovative business community, Palo Alto’s residents are educated, politically aware and culturally sophisticated. An abundance of local pride and numerous neighborhood organizations contribute to Palo Alto’s charming historic and upscale commercial and residential areas. Characteristic of Palo Alto is the care taken to protect open space and parkland. Palo Alto has a remarkable number of City-owned parks for its size (34 at last count) and nearly one-third of its 26 square miles is open space. Palo Alto’s San Francisco Bay location and natural environment offer the opportunity to enjoy bird and aquatic life in a natural habitat. Proximity to Stanford University with its cultural and educational offerings add to the vibrance, innate charm and beauty of Palo Alto.

Distinctive in every way, Palo Alto offers its communities a diverse and exciting environment in which to work and live.

Palo Alto Statistics

Population: 67,024
Median Income: $137,043
# of Single Family Homes: 14,984
# of Condominiums: 2,967
Average Sales Price of Single Family Homes in 2017: $3,522,344
Average Sales Price of Condominiums in 2017: $1,496,312
Average Price per Square Foot of Single Family Homes in 2017: $1,651
Average Price per Square Foot of Condominiums in 2017: $1,141
“population estimates, July 1, 2016” and “median household income (in 2016 dollars), 2012-2016. All home price and price per square foot stats were pulled directly from the MLS.

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